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Mission: To build better citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.

:-: AFJROTC is an elective program offering students the chance to become a better citizen and a leader--confident, self-reliant and self-disciplined. Students explore the civilian, industrial and military aspects of aerospace. College bound students may receive an Air Force Academy nomination or an Air Force ROTC scholarship, if qualified. Or, they may receive college credit for the first year of an Air Force ROTC four-year college program. Career-minded students may be able to enter the Air Force at a pay higher than most enlistees.

:-: Leadership is emphasized each year. Course work helps prepare you for positions in civilian or military careers. There are classes on military customs and courtesies and flag etiquette, drill and ceremonies, communication skills, leadership concepts, job search, college financial opportunities, management and leadership.

AFJROTC-1: The first year  you  learn about the heritage and development of flight, military aerospace policies, history of JROTC, customs and courtesies, drill and ceremonies, and much more.

AFJROTC-2: The second year you will study the environment in which aircraft and spacecraft operate. You’ll learn flight and navigation principles, requirements for human flight. You will also learn about survival techniques and have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a field training exercise.  Additionally, you will learn valuable communication skills, write and present a military briefing, and become a more effective communicator.

AFJROTC-3: Rocketry, space vehicles, and the exploration of space are covered in your third year.  Life skill are the focus in leadership education.  You will learn how to prepare a job winning resume and learn the many opportunities available in today's job market.

AFRTOTC-4: The fourth year offers three options:  1. Management of the Cadet Corps; 2.  and 3. Honors Program of Aviation Ground School (leads to the student taking the FAA Private Pilot Exam, not currently offered). 

Activities for Cadets Include: Color Guard Team, Drill Team, Saber Team/Honor Guard*, field trips around the United States, flights aboard military aircraft, community service projects, opportunities for attending ROTC college days, formal social events and dances, summer leadership encampments, Model Rocketry Club, public speaking events at middle and elementary schools, and qualified students can join the Kitty Hawk National Honor Society.

*More information on the Color Guard, Drill Team, and Saber Team/Honor Guard can be found on the Special Teams page.

Why take ROTC?: Out of district students can take Bryan Station High School's AFJROTC program. Here's how.


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