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PTP  Class Information

The Primary Talent Pool is a program for students in the K-3rd grade levels who have demonstrated the ability think to do accelerated academic work and can benefit from differentiated lessons.  The Primary Talent Pool (PTP) is offered at each elementary school in Fayette County.  Since selection for the Primary Talent Pool is an informal process, it does not automatically qualify your student for QUEST, at the 4th and 5th grade levels.  Formal testing in the 3rd grade will contain results which will qualify your child for the QUEST program. 

In Primary Talent Pool, your student will work in a small group of approximately 8-10 students in a resource classroom in the intermediate hallway.  Our lessons will integrate the core content areas Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Lessons are designed to develop processing skills, allow students to explore laterally (grade level content extended in new directions), to provided acceleration (presentation of above grade level content), and to encourage students to intensely pursue individual or small group research projects. 

PTP Objectives: 

To strengthen cognitive skills:  Creative and Critical Thinking

To build independent learning skills:  Problem Solving and Research

To practice communication skills:  Oral, Written, and Non-verbal products

To strengthen affective skills:  Curiosity, Motivation, Goal setting and Cooperation. 


From time to time, students will need help at home to complete some of the projects.  Students are given participation points for their work in class.  Every grading period, PTP students will receive a Gifted and Talented Report Card, which will accompany their regular report card.  Students who consistently turn in quality work and who have a good attitude in class will be awarded a certificate at the end of the year.  In addition, students are rewarded daily for their hard work by being able to play critical thinking and problem solving games at the end of class.  These are called Instant Challenges and are a part of the Destination Imagination curriculum.  Students love these challenges, which foster teamwork, creativity and creative problem solving skills.