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Accelerated Reader 

Student are encourage to read an Accelerated Reader Book for their nightly reading.  You can see what Accelerated Reader tests your child has taken this year by following this link. Your child is required to earn at least 7 AR point per month in order to be eligible for Good Faith Effort.

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Be sure to check out the Parent Guide to AR Finder!


How Does the AR Program Work?

*       Select a book from the library Based on his/her individual interests and reading levels, your child chooses a book from thousands of Accelerated Reader titles.  All AR books in our school library are labeled with a “blue dot.”  You may also check out books at the public library or buy books from bookstores.  Scholastic book orders also identifies Accelerated Reader books in each catalog.

*       Read the book Your child reads the book at his/her own pace.  Students may read their book at home or at school.

*       Take and AR test   After reading an AR book your child takes a computerized test.  Tests consist of multiple choice comprehension questions from the book.  The computer immediately scores the test, shows the number of correctly answered questions, and updates your child’s record.  Points are then awarded based on how well the student did.  As the students earn points they get closer to reaching their AR goal that is set for each month.


How Can I Help My Child with AR?

*       Be encouraging to your child.

*       Ask your child questions about what he or she is reading.

*       Check your child’s progress online.


Questions About AR

If you have questions or concerns about AR please contact me.  If you still have questions or concerns please contact our school librarian.  We are always here to help.


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