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Click here to go directly to Think Central!

    "Think Central" is a website maintained by the publishers of our Math textbook and workbook, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. On it, you will find copies of the Math textbook and the workbook. The Math practice workbook is not only viewable online, but it is also printable. The textbook is not printable.


How to Log In


1.    Visit the site: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/

2.    Select our state of Kentucky from the first drop-down box.

3.    Select Fayette Co Public Schools from the second drop-down box.

4.    Select Picadome Elementary School, Lexington 40504 from the next drop-down box.

5.    Check the Remember my organization box if you are on your own personal computer or one at the school.

6.    Type in your user name.

7.    Type in your password.



User Names and Passwords


         For most students, the user name and passwords are the same as their login information for SuccessMaker. 

         Most user names are usually your first initial, middle initial and whole last name.   

         Passwords are first initial, middle initial, and last initial followed by pic.

 For example:

Martin Luther King, Jr.

User Name: mlking

Password: mlkpic


         If you donít have a middle name, just skip that part in the user name and password.

For example:

Thomas Jefferson

User Name: tjefferson

Password: tjpic


         Exceptions to this would be students whose users name would not result in at least 5 letters.  In these cases, a combination of the first and last name was used.  In addition, some students have a number as a part of their user name to prevent duplication with other user names already used in FCPS. You will need to check with me if your user name and/or password will not work.


How to Use Think Central


Once you log in, you may click on the My Library icon (for now, the Things to Do and My Test Scores sections are not being utilized).  Once you click on the My Library icon, you will have access to multiple resources:

Math Student Edition G5: This is an electronic version of our hardcover Math in Focus textbook.  By clicking on this link, you will gain access to the entire Math textbook electronically.  These pages are not printable.  Make sure you are using the correct textbook.  There is tab for textbook A and separate tab for textbook B.  Use the table of content or search feature to find the correct page.

Math Student Workbook G5:  This is an electronic version of our Math practice workbook.  Simply click on the link and the book will start to load.  All of the pages in this electronic book are printable.


"Contents of this web page are intended to be used for the enhancement of instruction only."