This unit deals with the study of heat and how heat energy is absorbed or released in a chemical reaction.  Some chemical reactions produce their own heat which is called exothermic.  Other reactions absorb heat from the area around the reaction, which is called endothermic.  

What I've done on this page is linked the topics to the actual PowerPoint Presentation that I used in class.  To access them just click on the link to the topic and follow the directions to access the presentations.  If you don't have PowerPoint on your computer you need to download the PowerPoint Viewer that is available for free through Microsoft Office. 

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THERMOCHEMISTRY PART 1 .ppt This PowerPoint goes into what heat and temperature are about and how they are transferred.  It also works through what enthalpy is and how it's used in calculations.  
THERMOCHEMISTRY PART 2 GEN .ppt This next part of the thermochemistry unit deals with calorimetry for General Chem and calorimetry and Hess's Law with the Advanced Chem.  They both get into the energy involved in changing phase.  
USING CHANGES IN ENTHALPY  .pdf This is the worksheet that deals with calculating the amount of energy in a given amount of substance, using a chemical reaction equation as the conversion factor.  Also gives some practice using the DH=mCDT equation.
CALORIMETRY CALCULATIONS#2 .pdf This is the second worksheet dealing with calorimetry calculations, some are fairly challenging.
PHASE CHANGES AND ENERGY .pdf Good practice with changing phases.
THERMOCHEMISTRY REVIEW .pdf Good review of all the thermochemistry calculations we worked on in class.
PHASE CHANGES HANDOUT .pdf Handout I put together that contains all of the calculations involved in phase changes under a heat curve.
SPECIFICALLY HEAT LAB .pdf Lab that explores the heat capacity of different masses of water.
HOW DOES A CALORIMETER WORK LAB .pdf Lab that explores the usefulness of a calorimeter to measure heat changes.
HEATING CURVE .xls This is an example of the graph that should be produced in the Specifically Heat Lab.  (Excel Document)
HESS'S LAW DATA AND CALCS .xls This is the excel worksheet that I put together to crunch the data collected in the Hess's Law Lab done in class..  (Excel Document)
THERMOCHEMISTRY OPEN RESPONSE .pdf An open response question on calorimetry. 

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