The Jackson Purchase  Region


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    This region LOOKS smaller than Knobs , but it really isn't.  It is the only region in KENTUCKY that grows cotton a ton!  One last clue is the capital (Fulton) is known as, "The Banana Capital of America!" Because that is where they shipped bananas throughout the United States of America. Did I hear  someone say something Purchase? Yes I did this region is JACKSON PURCHASE!


    Jackson Purchase is located in the southwest part of Kentucky.  Jackson Purchase became known as ,"Gateway to the west."  only region  in the state of Kentucky with natural swaps.  Jackson Purchase is surrounded by the  Mississippi river the Ohio river  the Tennessee river and the Cumberland river.  Pulse it is surrounded by the Kentucky lake, and Lake  Barkley 




    Did you know that a long,  long time ago Jackson Purchase was not a part of Kentucky?  Andrew Jackson purchased a piece of land and put it on Kentucky.  The first governor Isaac Shelby signed the treaty to make that land a part of  Kentucky.  They named it Jackson Purchase because Andrew Jackson purchased that part of land.



      this is the  only state that grows cotton quantity because when the pioneers crossed the west they decided too grow cotton here in Jackson Purchase.  Fulton, Kentucky is known as," The Banana Capital of America." because it was  where banana were shipped throughout the United States.

21st Century

Paducah in Jackson Purchase has a population of 26,307! wow!

People send tobacco, livestock, fruit, and timber to Paducah and they send all those  things out to other places.


Natural Resources

A couple of natural resources in Jackson Purchase are limestone, and clay.


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