The Pennyroyal Region


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Pennyroyal has the largest caves in Ky. One is Mammoth Cave. It also has many rivers. Pennyroyal touches every region except for the Bluegrass region. It is named after a plant named Pennyrile. 



Jessie James robed his first bank in Pennyroyal in 1868.Pennyroyal was the birth place of the first confederacy president. It was also the birth place of the 16 president Abe Lincoln.    


Pennyroyal has a very agricultural economy. Fort Knox is located in Pennyroyal. One of the only Corvette Factories in the world is located in Pennyroyal. It is the best region for verified farming.  


21st Century

Pennyroyal borders every region except for the Bluegrass. 


Natural Resources 

The following resources are found in Pennyroyal.

They are-

  • Limestone and shells.

  • Coal

  • water

  • lumber

  • oil

  • hay

  • and other plants.



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