The Western Coal Field Region


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The Western Coal Fields are 4,600 square feet and contain 21 different counties. The region is surrounded by the Ohio River on the north and the Pennyroyal region on the east, south, and west.  There is good farmland near the Ohio River.  Two-third's of all the coal in the state is found in the Western Coal Fields.  


The first Mothers day was held in the city of Henderson. Nicholas Sherman opened the first coal mine in Kentucky. In the pioneer days the Western coal fields where some of the best hunting grounds in all of Kentucky.  


The Western Coal Fields are important to Kentucky's economy. Agricultural economy for the coal ,corn, limestone, wheat & hay. Landforms include mainly hills the soil in this region is very fertile, good for farming. Strip mining in this this region is by far the most advanced in the country.  

21st Century


Natural Resources

  • limestone 

  • coal

  • clay

  • oil


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